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Hydrogen-on-Demand Technology

We supply Hydrogen Cell kits for DIY fitting, individually configured to suit your vehicle. The kits are easy to fit with complete with instructions and support from our technical helpline.  If you prefer not to fit the kit yourself, we offer a fitting service at our workshop. All the kits are high quality and clear running and will provide a solution to your emission, performance and efficiency issues with astounding results.  Please contact us for information on the correct product to choose.


To order your kit, or for more information, contact our office on Tel: 01752 223372 / 07710 145621 or Email:


1) Hydrogen on Demand is a new technology, which is still in its infancy.
2) All hydrogen cells produced/supplied by us, are prototypes.
3) Installations are performed with the customer’s permission and at their own risk.
4) All cells are designed for 12v vehicles, running at a maximum of 7 amps and any attempt to alter the product design or specifications will void the Manufacturer’s warranty.
5) The specification of the product may change as the technology advances. Contact us for further information.

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