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Test Results

Test Results

An evaluation of the de Verde Hydrogen-on-Demand system

“I am convinced that the Pegasus 700 is directly responsible for these increases in fuel economy in my Skoda and would highly recommend this system to anybody. I have also anecdotal evidence that since installation the de Verde system has led to a reduction in the smell of the exhaust – possibly linked to a more complete combustion, the engine runs approximately 10% cooler, on the dashboard engine temperature guide. I have also noticed that the engine has a great deal more power at lower revs allowing me to accelerate up hill in a gear that I would not have been able to prior to installation and as a result I tend to change gear at lower revs and the car has more power at engine speeds before the turbo kicks in.

Overall I am incredibly happy with the de Verde Pegasus 700 system and would highly recommend this system to anyone interested in boosting their fuel economy as well as performance.

April 11th 2014 Andrew Colville BSc(Hons), BSc, QTS Head of Biology, Shebbear College Beaworthy Devon EX21 5HJ

Home address: Toad Hall Taddyforde Estate Exeter Devon EX4 4AT”

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