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Cathy Ashley – Transit MKIII 120 – Totnes

My transit now does 38 mpg, whereas before fitting I was getting about 30 mpg.  I don’t notice any difference in how it drives, but I am told this is because I am a woman! I have not yet had the emissions tested.  It was good value for money, after sales service was excellent.  Would recommend the company and the gizmo.

Customer feedback form 18.7.2014


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Scott Richford – Volvo S60 2.0T – Torquay

Since having the unit fitted my mpg has risen from 24mpg to 32mpg using standard 95ron fuel.  I drive over 400 miles a week with a tank costing 300 miles @ £65.  I’m not getting 360 miles plus per tank for the same cost.  If you’re looking at a cost effective way to reduce your bills then this has to be one solution you shouldn’t overlook.

Customer Feedback Form – 8 July 2014

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