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Scientific Evidence

Scientific Evidence

As our current hydrocarbon economy is not particularly economical and according to some commentators peak oil production is now with us what can we as individual consumers do to help in the transition to a cleaner fuel economy that is so urgently needed whilst still maintaining mobility at reasonable costs?

Supplemental hydrogen injection into combustion engines has been shown to reduce dangerous greenhouse causing emissions including Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Nitrogen Monoxide (NO) and Nitrogen oxide (NOX) and also improve fuel efficiency .

The research paper of  Sa’ed A. Musmar 1, Ammar A. Al-Rousan  in their paper  “Effect of HHO gas on combustion emissions in gasoline engines” published in The international journal of hydrogen energy arrived at the following conclusions:

  1. HHO cell may be integrated easily with existing engine systems.
  2. The combustion efficiency has been enhanced when HHO gas has been introduced to the air/fuel mixture, consequently reducing fuel consumption.
  3. The concentration of nitrogen oxide has been reduced to almost 50% on average when HHO is introduced to the system.
  4. When HHO is introduced to the system, the average concentration of carbon monoxide has been reduced to almost 20% of the case where air/fuel mixture was used (no HHO).
  5. The NOX average concentration has been reduced to about 54% of the case where HHO was not introduced.
  6. HC concentration is highly affected by the engine speed and the presence of HHO gas.

In a further paper by the same authors Reduction of fuel consumption in gasoline engines by introducing HHO gas into intake manifold they find that the use of HHO in gasoline engines enhances combustion efficiency, consequently reducing fuel consumption and thereby decreasing pollution.

Can we afford to wait for the mainstream car manufactures to implement this technology? We can wait for them that is for sure and have been waiting for a long time but now you can make the change yourself simply and effectively with the addition of a Hydrogen on Demand Fuel system fitted to your vehicle.





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