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graphDyno results tested at Rotary Revs 9.3.2016 showing overall performance increase of 10%. Contact us for a copy of these results.

We now offer a dedicated hydrogen kit for Mazda RX7/8.

This kit will keep your engine running clean with less carbon issues.  Carbon deposits build up and are the main cause of compression loss in rotary engines.

We have had the compression tested by an Independent Rotary Specialist, with one of our kits fitted to an RX8 rotary engine.  They concluded that as a result of the engine running with hydrogen, carbon deposits were removed, resulting in increased compression.  (For more information see website

We have also recently improved hot start issues on one of our customer’s RX8, after our hydrogen kit was fitted.

Other great benefits include immediate torque gains, improved performance and cooler running.

Customers have also reported lower emissions and better MPG!

Kits from £495 including digital controller

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