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Customer Guidance for Insurance and Warranty Companies

Customer Guidance for Insurance and Warranty Companies
  1. This hydrogen on demand system is designed to improve the efficiency of the engine to reduce emissions. It is an accessory, not a permanent fixture. It connects simply and can be easily removed.
  2. It is not designed as a performance/race device.
  3. The bottom-end torque will increase to allow a smoother drive with a reduced need to change gears.
  4. It is not nitrous oxide.
  5. It is an on-demand hydrogen system, which stores no gas on the vehicle.
  6. It makes hydrogen on demand and burns when the engine is switched on.
  7. When switched off there is no gas made or stored.
  8. The original manufacturer’s spec., EFI and ECU is not modified or changed in any way.
  9. It is an enhancement system, to improve combustion, which in turn improves fuel efficiency.
  10. It is an approved product with CE Certification.
  11. The hydrogen system must be maintained by the customer and product servicing is provided.
  12. A generic risk assessment has been done for the installation and quality assurance is in place for the product manufacturing.
  13. Torque, emissions and efficiency will improve but not the power/bhp.

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