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2010 Reduction of fuel consumption in gasoline engines by introducing HHO gas

Ammar A. Al-Rousan Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Mutah University, Mutah, Al-Karak 61710 Jordan – 2010 Abstract Brown’s gas (HHO) has recently been introduced to the auto industry as a new source of energy. The present work proposes the design of a new device attached to the engine to integrate an HHO production […]

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E. Leelakrishnan, N. Lokesh, H.Suriyan Student of Automobile Engineering, Sri Ram Engineering College, Anna University, Chennai, India International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology Abstract: The world is facing declining liquid fuel reserves at a time when energy demand is exploding. As the supply decreases and costs rise, everyone will be forced to […]

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Effect Of Addition Of Oxygen Enriched Hydrogen Gas Produces By Electrochemical Reaction In The Reduction Of Pollutants From A DI Diesel Engine

SR. Premkartikkumar*, K. Annamalai, A.R. Pradeepkumar Department of Automobile Engineering, MIT Campus, Anna University, Chennai, India Correspond with .author: Tel: +91-44-22234809, Fax: +91-44-22475070 Abstract: The present investigation related with the enhancing of combustion phenomena of DI diesel using Oxygen Enriched Hydrogen Gas. Here the Oxygen enriched hydrogen gas was produced by the process of […]

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Effect of H2+ O2 Gas Mixture Addition on Emissions and Performance of an SI Engine

M.Sc. Karagoz Y., M.Sc. Orak, Assist. Prof. Dr. Sandalci, B.Sc. Uluturk Department of Mechanical Engineering, Automative Subdivision, Internal Combustion Engines Laboratory– Yildiz Technical University, Turkey Abstract: Use of hydrogen in SI engines as additional fuel to gasoline rises as a preferable fuel through both enhanced combustion characteristics, relative lower costs and good applicability hence, storage […]

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Effect of H2/O2 addition in increasing the thermal efficiency of a diesel engine

S. Bari *, M. Mohammad Esmaeil Sustainable Energy Centre, School of Advanced Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering, University of South Australia, Mawson Lakes, SA 5095, Australia Abstract: Using hydrogen as an additive to enhance the conventional diesel engine performance has been investigated by several researchers and the outcomes are very promising. However, the problems associated with […]

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Fuel economy improvement by on board electrolytic hydrogen production

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 25 (2000) 895±897 Fuel economy improvement by onboard electrolytic hydrogen production Z.DuÈlger * K.R.Ozcelik Department of Mechanical Engineering, Kocaeli University, 41100, Kocaeli, Turkey Abstract: Fuel economy is a major area of interest for the public and policy makers. There are several reasons for this interest: Fuel economy is directly related […]

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U.S Department of Transport

GUIDELINES FOR USE OF HYDROGEN FUEL IN COMMERCIAL VEHICLES –Final Report Abstract Over the next 50 years, hydrogen use is expected to grow dramatically as an automotive and electrical power source fuel. As hydrogen becomes commercially viable, the safety concerns associated with hydrogen systems, equipment, and operation are of concern to the commercial motor vehicle […]

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Effects of Gasoline-Air Enrichment with HRG Gas on Efficiency and Emissions of a SI Engine

Radu Chiriac, Nicolae Apostolescu University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest Corneliu Dica SC ROKURA APLICATII INDUSTRIALE SRL Bucharest ABSTRACT The addition of hydrogen to the gasoline-air mixture may contribute significantly towards accelerating the combustion process, with the beneficial effects on engine performance and emissions. The present contribution describes the results of an experimental research where gasoline-air mixture […]

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